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Here you can find the complete archive of our units technical documents including operator’s manuals, special attachments, diagrams, datasheets and other specifications (according to the model).
For dryers and aftercoolers, always refer to the unit serial number to retrieve the right documents for each unit.
For filters and cyclone separators you must search for the manual code.
We are always developing new solutions to improve the performance and reliability of our units to ensure the best customer experience. For this reason, technical documentation is constantly updated to match the actual unit’s components and features. Since the serial number is the unique data that identifies the unit, it is the only one that can guarantee the exact correspondence between the content of the documents and the real configuration of the unit. Knowing the model, code or date of purchase of the unit does not accurately identify its configuration and can lead to errors in maintenance or settings.
Dryers and Aftercoolers
Serial number:
Filters and Cyclone Separators
Manual code:
Depending on the model, the serial number can easily be found on a label applied to a back or side panel of the unit. For mainenance reasons the label is normally placed on a non-removable panel. The standard format of a dryer/aftercooler serial number consists of the last two digits of the year of production followed by the character “M”, the character “-” and a 6 digits number as in the following examples: 21M-000001. If you can’t find the label with the serial number on the unit or if it’s damaged or unreadable please contact our offices and provide us as much information as possible including purchasing date, unit model/code, air flow rate/cooling capacity (depending on the model) or any other data that could help us identifying the unit. To contact us and request the documentation please fill the following form.